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Our Bedtime Was A Nightmare!

Our book, Mum’s Marvellous Monster Spray has sold over 800 copies & is recommended by Parents & Teachers as “The best book for kids aged 3-8 years old". It’s a great way to start a very important conversation with your little one about Feelings & Emotions!

I am sure that you will agree, Sleep & Peaceful Kids, would be the best Gift you would ever receive & I give you step by step guidance on how I was able to restore peace to our bedtime routine using this book!

This is an interactive book that is not only a great read but it also is a powerful ally against fear & anxiety for kids in this age group. I developed this book to help my boys (aged 2 and 4) to conquer their monster fears & it worked.

I also run a class called Fit Feelings that can help children understand what feelings are & how to respond to them, for more information please revisit the website & sign up for the newsletter

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1. Something Simple

This book is a wonderful conversation starter for you and your child about the difficult topic of scary monsters.

2. Monsters All Shapes & Sizes

No matter the size or scariness of you monster, we have it covered. Beast, witch, goblin or vampire, they simply go haywire. All with a single spray, of Mum’s Marvellous Monster Spray.

3. Family Fun

This book is for the whole family and contains a fun, interactive recipe, that is used for the elimination of troublesome and scary Monsters.

Wow what an amazing children’s book, Mum’s Marvellous Monster Spray is! I have worked in Early Childhood Education for many years and have come across 100’s of concerned parents and their sleepless children with a fear of monsters in their bedrooms at night. It is difficult to find a children’s book to recommend to my families on this topic. After reading this book I will be certain to recommend Mum’s Marvellous Monster Spray to all families that have young children and their teachers. The colourful detailed illustrations and the fun and interactive story line is sure to capture any young child’s imagination.
Rating: 5 stars
(Mum of 2, Child Care Educator)
Libby Want made a lasting impression on my class of excited Kindergarten students as she read her amazing book ‘Mum’s Marvellous Monster Spray’ and introduced the class to the real monster spray. Every student was thoroughly engaged as they listened to the story and afterwards they were eager to share their stories about their own monsters before trailing the oil to make the monsters go away forever... I will definitely be recommending the book, oil and songs for other educators to share with children in schools, re-schools and childcare centres to help alleviate fear in young children we work with.
Rating: 5 stars
Heather Cole
(Teacher, Lismore Public School)

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